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Name:Tony Tony Chopper
Birthdate:Dec 24

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Pirate Profile
Crew: Straw Hat Pirates
Epithet: Cotton Candy Lover Chopper
Age: 17 (canon)
Birthday: December 24
Position: Doctor
Appearance: Varies; most commonly: short bipedal reindeer, beige fur, blue aviator cap pulled over a pink hat. Blue nose.
Bounty: 50
The Doctor
Fighting: Hand-to-Hand
Weapon: Form-altering drug "Rumble Ball"
Goal: Become someone who can be relied on in the "New World". Have adventures with his crew. Create a panacea.
The Reindeer
Dream: Find a cure for every disease in the world.
Fears: Falling behind. Failing to save his nakama. Losing them.
Likes: Sakura trees, cotton candy, stories, and medical books.
Dislikes: Scary things. Disrespect for life. Disease. Hot weather.
Strengths: Extensive knowledge of medicine. Heightened sense of smell. Loyal. Adaptive. Empahetic.
Weaknesses: Naïve and gullible. Prone to skittishness. Panicky. Incapable of swimming.
OOC Info
Mun: [personal profile] angelicthrones
Canon: One Piece
Game: [community profile] adstringendum
RP Directory: here

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